D J Riding Stables


She is a 10 year buckskin mare and she loves DJ's granddaughter Patricia. She has her doing tricks and she is going to start doing some barrel racing with her.

We call her Houdini because she un-locks her stall and then go's and un-locks the rest of the gang.


She is just like her name she is so sweet, when we first received her she was very shy, but she has came out of her skin. She is so loving and caring. she is about 10 to 12 years old. and about 14.6 hands tall she is little but mighty.

We love her to death.

Mr Mocha

Mr Mocha is the senior of our family he is 22+ and he loves the little ones so he our designated driver for the smaller and younger rides and he perks right up like look who I have.

He is loved by all and he really likes his ears rubbed. and treats, and brushed and we could keep going but it could take all day.


Abput Thermal he is our youngest, he is 9 years. He is a flea bittenarab, which means he is covered with red freckles. He thinks he is a lap dog, very friendly and loving, he is in every face. When he gets lose he go's and says hello to all his horse friend, he doesn't miss one. I think he is saing HA HA HA I'm out and you're not.

Boots are made for RIDEING!

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